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Olga Karpenko /Helga Kar/





Painter, theoretician, teacher.

 Olga Karpenko is a painter with a splendid innate sense of color,

drawing skills and knowledge of the theory of composition.

All these qualities have helped her to become a versatile master of brush.  

Lyrical landscapes, expressive portraits and large monumental compositions

are all inside the range of her experience and ability.
         Olg nk ws bn on May 12, 1976, n Dntvsk. 
1996 graduated with honors from Dntvsk t llg
named after Vuhth.
1999 mmb of v Atists’ Unn
  (association of young painters and art critics).
2002 graduated from the Department of Easel  Painting
at the National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture
(under professor Oleksandr Lopukhov).
2005 completed a graduate program at the Academy of
Fine Art and Architecture
(with Professor Lopukhov as her supervisor) and received her Master’s degree.
2006 senior lecturer of the State Academy for Senior Personnel
in the Field of Culture and Arts (Institute of Design);
senior lecturer with Kyiv National University of Technology and Design. 
2008 – member of Ukraine’s National Union of Artists.


y teachers:
1998-2005 s. Oleksandr Lopukhov,
National Painter of Ukraine, winner of Taras Shevchenko State Prize of Ukraine,
former rector of Kyiv Fine Art Institute (which is now called the
National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture) and chairman of the Union of Ukrainian Painters;
corresponding member of Russian Fine Art Academy and full member of Ukraine’s Fine Art Academy.
Oleksandr Lopukhov is the best representative of the school of realistic painting.
His teacher, Olexiy Shovkunenko, studied with Ilya Repin, Pavlo Chistyakov and Vasil Savinsky.



All-Ukrainian events:
1998-2009 s Participated in about 30 all-Ukrainian exhibits organized by the
National Union of Ukrainian Painters
and Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
Individual exhibits:
State Academy for Senior Personnel in the Field of Culture and Arts
(Institute of    Design), 2009.     
Exhibits of post-graduate students (National Academy
of Fine Art and Architecture), 2003-2004.
1999 – individual art exhibition (t. Dortmund Germany).
2000 individual art exhibition (Florida U.S.A.).  
2004 individual art exhibition (Florida U.S.A.).  
2006 individual art exhibition (Florida U.S.A.).  
2008 individual art exhibition (Florida U.S.A.).
                      •2008 International plein-air gathering ”History and Modernity”.
2008 Participated in an exhibit commemorating
the last Zaporizhia CossackChieftain Petro Kalnishevsky.
       •2010 individual art exhibition (v, Gallery “Pecherska”).
             •2010 individual art exhibition (v, “Anthology of the beauty”
in the theatre “Suzirya”). 

2012 individual art exhibition (Kyiv St. Sophia Cathidral). 

    *2016 year - individual art exhibition (Kyiv, The House of the Artist).
           *2016 year - individual art exhibition (Lübek, Muk-Akademy, Germany).

Take part in exhibitions and others art evens:
2000 – Shi is the participant of the first edition „The artists of Kiev”.
2001-2008 years – Shi is the participant of the first, second, third and fourth editions
„The artists of Ukraine”.
2004 year The publication of the first authoresses booklet „Olga Karpenko.
2004-2008 s – Shi is the participant of the second, third and fourth editions
„Experience the Glory!”.
Kyiv Painters, first edition, 2000.
Ukrainian Painters, second, third, fourth and fifth editions, 2001-2008.
Booklet Olga Karpenko. Painting, 2004.
Brochure ”Experience the Glory!”, second, third and fourth editions, 2004-2008.
Catalogue of the international plein-air gathering ”History and Modernity”, 2008.
JournalEXCLUSIVESeptember-October, 2010.
Journal ”Banker” 2(32), 2010.
Journal ”Banker” 4(34), 2010.
E-mail: helga@caro.com.ua
Site: www.caro.com.ua